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Room renovations Eastbourne

Whether it is a formal living room or a casual family room, where everyone feels comfortable, some spaces need to be arranged up to date. We carry out room renovations in both homes and flats, working without disturbing the rest of the rooms. Apart from typical construction work, we also accept orders for complete projects, including interior design.

It depends a lot on the architecture of the house or apartment itself, another thing is that Eastbourne Clients, who are satisfied with room renovations continue willingly the cooperation by commissioning kitchens renovatios or property renovations even on the other side of the city. However, just like in other areas of Pro For You's work, the only limit is practically the imagination of the Clients. The architectural inconveniences can always be avoided, and the room size is not a major problem either, especially since not only open floor plans popular in Eastbourne for home renovations, but also shifts of walls ordered in parallel with e.g. fireplace installation, are a frequent solution.

Although room renovation does not have to mean major alteration, there are no difficult projects for us. For example, in Eastbourne we regularly carry out work to adapt the kitchen to the studio, when the house has two and one is enough for the householders. Alteration of the master bedroom to create a really special place is also popular. Sometimes one room is built from two rooms, then the room renovation requires demolition of the wall to create a space for relaxation. We also make minor improvements - painting walls and ceilings, installing ceiling fans and lighting, and changing the floor. Because we are true experts in the field of room renovations, we can advise you on specific solutions tailored to the types of rooms and customer preferences. For example, we know that the right lighting can bring a room to life - a poorly lit room looks small and tight, and a brightly lit room seems open, spacious and cosy. There are many ways to get great results with little money. You can replace outdated ceiling luminaires with the most modern ones available on the market, or put stylish wallpapers on the walls in a colour that gives the room character and charm, and matching the style of the whole house. This type of work is everyday for us. To get acquainted with other possibilities of room renovations, please contact us.

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