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Home renovations Eastbourne

As experienced craftsmen, we carry out comprehensive home renovations. Of course, renovation work is not the same - the variety of orders means the variety of tastes and preferences of our Eastbourne customers. In addition, not every renovation will involve a complete change of the house, equipping it with a luxurious kitchen and additional bathroom, or changing the roof, although the possibilities are practically endless.

What could a house need? Maybe a terrace made of classic or exotic wood? Wooden stairs? If you don't have enough space, a round staircase will be useful. Or maybe the right furnishing? We can supply your house with new custom-made furniture, including wardrobes with glass doors perfect for presenting your favourite items. 

If you have a construction or renovation project in mind, whether large or small, come and discuss your ideas with the professionals who will share your vision; ProForYou Builders in Eastbourne.

Other solutions are related to the efficiency of furniture, i.e. the number of storeable items, while maintaining the harmonious texture of space and the friendliness of the interior. If the customer knows how to arrange a house, this is the basic direction of a home renovation order. This is how projects are created that are based on the use of rooms for studios, wardrobes or the integration of the side room with the main bedroom. The result is the comfort of living in a cosy, well-designed house 

It is true that many Eastbourne residents do small jobs on their own, most homes are constantly changing, improved or renovated. For us, however, the slogan home renovations means concrete work on a scale worthy of the name. Examples?

Formal dining rooms seem to be out of fashion, so home renovation is an opportunity to create an attractive space for the owner and his guests. Open floor plans are popular in Eastbourne, where the kitchen, family room and dining room are one huge and open space. Of course, a similar effect can be achieved without demolishing the walls, and our experienced designers use a new look to do this, which makes it quite easy to achieve a sense of spaciousness. Changing the colour of a clumsy piece of furniture will help it match the background and "disappear", while mirrors near windows make the room more open. But the topic of home renovations in Eastbourne does not end with spaces and optics. 

If your house has a formal dining room, that you do not use, you can transform it into an office, a craft workshop or a library with a reading corner. In this way, a new room appears in the house plan and the floor, on which it is located and changes its character. We can also adapt the garage to your training needs, for example. We will install the floor, gymnastic equipment, sound system or fastening for a training bag. On a larger scale we can perform a metamorphosis of each room and the whole house. In accordance with the reputation that we enjoy in Eastbourne, all work is carried out cleanly and neatly and at the lowest possible cost. We know from experience that thorough home renovations do not have to be associated with stress, unexpected costs or mess. The cost estimate is closed at the moment of approval, and then the client waits only for the agreed time, after which he can enter a practically new home.

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