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Best builders: Arranging the bathroom in Eastbourne

The eco trend during the arrangement, renovation and finishing of the turnkey bathroom, it can be said that not only is it more and more pronounced, but indeed it also falls under the so-called "Political correctness" of interior designers and recipients of their services, increasing ecological awareness of investors, desire to create their own apartments so that no faux pas is committed not only in the sphere of eco design, but also in the solutions, technologies, materials and equipment used, it all the aspect of arranging the bathroom with ecological overtones has become important.

The concept of eco does not refer only to materials, equipment and design, it is even an ideology, manifested by the investor's actions, including during the turnkey finishing service, so that the least harm to the natural environment, and the created living space, in this case bathrooms, reflects the spirit of rational use of the goods that nature has given us, and in the name of these actions the interior of the bathroom should not be have an ascetic make-up, on the contrary, natural, least processed materials for bathroom renovation and turnkey finishing are to result in having an elegant, functional, healthy, cozy and intimate interior, allowing for hygiene treatments that please not only the body, but also the spirit, a kind of SPA interior, in which the household members will be able to indulge in real relaxation after a hard, intense and busy day.

perfect bathroom


What is worth remembering if you want to arrange a bathroom with such parameters?

You should start with the concept of finishing, the basis is not to play the interior with unnecessary equipment, furniture, trinkets, decoration, of course, yes, but as an accent, in the name of the golden rule in the interior; "Less is more", especially in the bathroom, which, knowing the realities of new flats currently being delivered, with small bathrooms, offered in Poznań by development companies, should be like a cure, so the idea of practical and effective minimalism bows here, in terms of savings forms of artistic expression, the amount of equipment that should be as much as needed, all to create an ergonomic and spacious bathroom space, as a consequence a truly comfortable interior.

Elegance, climate, aesthetics, originality, but also uniqueness is to be ensured by the type of raw material, design form, pattern, color and texture of the materials used for renovation and turnkey finishing of this representative, or even the interior of the apartment, in the bathroom an "sin" would be to finish the floor with a tile LVT (vinyl), taking into account natural visage, durability, aspect of obtaining the raw material, its subsequent utilization during the next renovation, natural stone (e.g. marble, gneiss, sandstone, travertine, limestone, slate) or wood (preferably exotic, with natural tannins), however in the eco range, bamboo would be the highest, whose plantations and the process of obtaining and processing are the least harmful to the natural environment, not to mention the interesting features of this amazing woody grass, i.e. exceptional hardness, not susceptibility to moisture and the pronunciation of the drawing itself / textures, and here the blades of bamboo as a finishing element can be laid / glued e transversely or in parallel, generating a completely different look, bamboo elements can be used as a sink countertop, shelf or other functional additions.

Terms of usability

In terms of usability, durability of the product, but also the cost of investment in material and services of laying cladding used in the bathroom by the contractor, there is progress towards innovation with an eco-like tone, here e.g. stone in the form of shaded panels or in the form of stone veneer, in arrangements turnkey apartments are successfully competing with the most popular bathroom material, i.e. porcelain stoneware.
Eco arrangement is based on simple, unpretentious details of finishing and equipment, original, but not pompous pronunciation, there is a sense of lightness and freedom, mainly try to build a cozy and not, e.g. as it is in the style of glamor, expressive interior, too shiny chrome and other trinkets, eco styling should be subdued, stylistically coherent, soothing and not "inflated", giving only a pleasant experience to the observer, and in terms of functionality, allowing as much as possible to use the bathroom comfortably, include an open walk-in shower or rectified tiles, forming a narrow and aesthetic weld.

The veritable explosion of designer dream home programmes on tv these days means that there are plenty of budding designers and builders in Eastbourne but not everyone is confident enough to do it themselves.

Eco Bathroom colors

Eco bathroom colors are bright pastels, the color as the main actor of any turnkey apartment arrangement, will affect the atmosphere, finish style and overall visual / aesthetic reception of the bathroom interior, in which the matter of spaciousness will turn out to be important, and that light is space, so you should aim in bright colors, everything that absorbs light dark, tightening the optically available space, you can do a lot with illusion, and color is a great tool here in the hands of the designer, eco bathroom should invite us, it must be bright, not claustrophobic.

If you have a construction or renovation project in mind, whether large or small, come and discuss your ideas with the professionals who will share your vision; ProForYou Builders in Eastbourne.

This smooth and slightly shiny texture of the finishing materials will in plus affect the spaciousness of the interior of the renovated bathroom, any roughness or deeper texture, of course, has its charm, however its excess will illusively take up the available space.
The eco visualization bathroom should not lack green or floral plants or small decorations, e.g. dried plants, albeit as an accent.
Assuming that we love nature, let them not be indifferent to us, what the production process looks like, e.g. ceramic tiles, which we have chosen, and how it affects the natural environment, which the Creator has exceptionally generously endowed us with, more and more companies / producers of this type of ceramic accessories , in the product specification happy to boast about this property, because they know about the progressing trend in the broadly understood interior design going towards the use by customers of the service for the renovation of apartments and bathrooms, "healthy" materials, with limited negative impact on the environment, with common sense technology production.
Some "pro-ecological" solutions, a fact, can sometimes generate higher renovation costs and finishing services in general, then priorities should be considered, which is more important to us, whether the sense of fulfillment or our own whims and short-sighted savings at the expense of a higher idea (if it means something to us) ), for example, an acrylic shower tray for a more expensive stone or cheaper steel / enamel, it is a question to think how many hundreds of years acrylic will decompose, i.e. plastic, alternatively, how much energy will have to be put into the process of utilizing this artificial material and someday the time will come for the next renovation of the bathroom, the contractor will order a container, everything will be thrown out of the bathroom equipment, we have a problem with our heads, but surely we can not hide the decision-making of political elites, international institutions, which often serve rather corporations and not our planet and therefore also the individual, in terms of proper, pro-ecolo Let's start with each other without looking at others.

Plastics in bathroom

  • Plastics, therefore, for the least processed in the production phase, here is the right attitude, natural finishing materials, i.e. wood, ceramics, linen, stone, not only have an aesthetic tone, they are simply healthy, do not emit harmful volatile substances into the bathroom , like VOC (incidentally, with a highly probable carcinogenic effect), almost everything artificial, however, secretes these compounds.
  • Natural material, in addition to being more expensive than highly processed, should also be characterized by relatively high quality, the slogan "who buys cheaply, buys twice", may have a reference to the situation when the cheap assortment purchased for renovation broke down much too soon, it should be replaced with a new element, and what about the old one will disappear, yes, but only from our apartment.
  • Bathtub or shower is a common dilemma when arranging and finishing the turnkey bathroom, it is true that the bathtub will be perfect for an interior with SPA features, nevertheless for the die-hard eco enthusiast, but also for someone counting coins for used water, only one can take the top a solution, i.e. a shower, also reigning in Poznań during the implementation by a hired contractor, turnkey housing finishing services, this accessory consumes several times less water than a bathtub option for a comfortable bath, not to mention the hygienic aspect when taking a shower, where the bathtub falls out rather poorly.

Building work around your house can be stressful and messy and we know how it can cause great disruption when clients are busy, have to get to work, manage the family, children, pets and so on when builders are around.


bathroom renovation

There is no shortage of eco solutions, from faucets with slow water flow, efficient and efficient aerators aerating the flowing water from the spouts, thanks to which you can effectively wash with less water, by the device for flushing the toilet bowl with water used during hand washing in the sink, after ( as an arrangement novelty for Poznań companies for apartment design and renovation), shower cabins using hot steam for bathing, ultra-saving water needed to take a comfortable shower.

Water saving is also a proper plumbing system, in a single-family house, in which a water-heating boiler can be located from a few to several meters from the discharge device above the sink, the "obvious obvious" for a hydraulic company is the installation of so-called stanza is the third tube thanks to which there is a continuous supply of warm water by the circulation pump near the tap, the effect is hot water immediately after unscrewing the tap, without this solution after unscrewing the tap we would wait "a moment" for warm water, how much unnecessary water and gas in the boiler it would additionally wear out, you probably do not need to explain to any recipient of the repair service.