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Kitchens and Bathrooms Eastbourne

We are experts in the field of kitchens and bathrooms. Our projects are installation friendly and cover all possible projects relevant to these rooms in both flats and houses. It doesn't matter if it is just transforming an ordinary bathroom into a small Japanese style bathhouse. With ProForYou there are no difficult or impossible projects and no job too big or small. Our work in the kitchen and bathroom is distinguished by the lack of nuisance to the rest of the apartment and building, no dust, no interruptions in the work of water, gas and electrical installations, and after the completion of the work, no trace of mess.  


Bathroom Renovations

Both statistics and our experience show that bathroom renovations are one of the most frequent renovation projects in Eastbourne. Why? When preparing a house for sale, investing in a new bathroom significantly increases the value of the property. Renovation works are usually carried out on the basis of plans prepared by renowned interior designers - regardless of the purpose of the property, such a solution allows for significant savings of funds, and in the event of changes in the prospects for a better return on investment. 

bathroom renovation before afterbathrooms renovations before after


bathroom renovation before afterbathrooms renovations before after

The work completed so far in Eastbourne allows us to assess, that in the field of bathrooms renovations the requirements of our Clients do not differ from the national trends. Homeowners focus on spa-style bathrooms with natural lighting, open showers and comfortable bathtubs, where the overall view is a harmonious combination of traditional and contemporary style. Of course, the use of modern technology, such as digital showers with personal settings or intelligent toilets with heated seats, also counts. In addition, a whole range of finishes - brown, nickel, aged copper, shiny stainless steel. Unless our customers present their own detailed concepts, we prepare projects before starting bathrooms renovation, which include several variants, of which the most suitable one is finally implemented. What counts is not so much the choice of one option as the choice to suit the taste of the bathroom users - it is not worth stressing with a lot of possibilities, but only answering the question of what the best mood will be. What should be taken into account when planning bathrooms renovation? In addition to the color of the finish - the color of the walls, modern cabinets, the location of the lamps, modern taps, the location of the towel rack or the presence of plants.

kitchen eastbourne

kitchen eastbourne

Kitchen Renovations

The principle of price competitiveness is particularly important in the case of kitchens renovations, because when it comes to the construction services market in Eastbourne, this type of work is one of the most expensive. The national trends are not insignificant. According to reports, in 2018 the largest number of renovation work in private homes was carried out by kitchens renovations, whose costs increased due to tariffs on imported building materials.

The upward trend was also noted this year, although some suppliers tried to stop it by offering discounts on cabinets, countertops, ceramic tiles, fittings and vinyl floors. Knowing the market of services and cooperating with the most skillful suppliers, we take care of the reputation of ProForYou brand using the best solutions. Those that will allow you to create a really elegant kitchen at a good price. Of course, the topic of kitchen renovation is not limited to just one kitchen room. A common solution in Eastbourne is to reconstruct rooms and adapt them to the needs of the kitchen, which is also a dining room. The decoration preferences are also different. Some homeowners prefer to expose concrete walls and designers also recommend concrete kitchen worktops. Although marble worktops will never go out of fashion, industrial accents are becoming more and more popular today - here too, Eastbourne is no exception. Regardless of the style of the kitchen, simple and most useful or sophisticated, the design of the used equipment and the visual quality of the furniture also play an important role. 
Another issue in kitchen renovation is the proper use of space. Some kitchens in Eastbourne need hiding places, others prefer open shelves because they save time when everything is within reach. What else? 

Vintage style is the main focus of tap trends. Although the use of classic taps is just a matter of taste, many of the current projects we work with in Eastbourne abound in retro accents that blend in well with rural styles, among other things.