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Plan the renovation of the flat in Eastbourne

When planning a renovation of an apartment, make the necessary preparations. We will then minimize the risk of making many mistakes and problems that, as we know, do not bypass any investor.

General renovation of the apartment is a huge financial and organizational challenge. If we also live in the apartment where we are planning renovation, then due to the inconvenience in the daily functioning of the family, it is first and foremost necessary to plan the renovation time well. In view of the current difficulties with finding professionals, we also need to look around the team in advance. Purchasing materials on time will help avoid downtime, unexpected and additional costs. It is worth reading some tips for renovation work.

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Flat renovation - an important season of the year

The season of the year when we are renovating is extremely important, especially if we are not able to move out of the apartment for the duration of construction works. Therefore, let us remember that winter is not the best time for a general renovation of an apartment. Forging tiles, stripping plasters, demolishing walls and working with construction chemicals require ventilation. At that time, works related to the replacement of plumbing, doors and windows should not be carried out. Warmer months will be better, and for the winter you can leave painting walls or laying panels.

Flat renovation - project conditions

If we do not use the services of a designer, we must make sure what changes in our apartment are even possible to undergo renovation. You need to make sure in the housing cooperative or community what are the structural limitations of the apartment: which walls are partition and which are load-bearing, where are the individual installations. It is also good to even make a wall cladding and floor design yourself - it will allow us to calculate the right amount of materials. Drawing the location of bathroom devices will allow you to get a comfortable bathroom arrangement after renovation. It is also good to have a design plan for setting kitchen cabinets early - it is necessary to distribute the installation, it will also help us, for example, to plan the arrangement of electrical sockets or light switches. Also, the initial design of the arrangement of rooms after renovation can be useful, especially if we carry out changes, e.g. in lighting.

Shopping list

Before going shopping, it's a good idea to write a list of all necessary products and equipment. We will probably be able to compile only a list of key products ourselves, others such as construction chemicals or masonry or construction materials necessary for erecting new walls or preparing the floor base will be best calculated by the contractors. Making a list of the most necessary products will allow us to at least partially create a cost estimate - it's good to let us know from the beginning what kind of expenses are ahead Already at this stage, we can give up expensive tiles in favor of e.g. a technically better toilet. A well-prepared shopping list will also allow for better market understanding - we can search for the right products on the Internet, and hunt for opportunities in DIY stores. It is also worth consulting the shopping list with the executive team - maybe they have some discounts in wholesalers.

Flat renovation - order of works

We start renovation with the hardest work such as demolition, erecting walls, forging floor or wall layers. We start the renovation of the apartment from the bathroom and kitchen so that you can quickly use the sanitary facilities, mainly water. Remember to review your home installation so that you do not return to any changes or improvements once the construction work has been carried out. The next steps are: installation of plasterboards, laying ceramic tiles and floors, embedding interior doors, priming and finishing the walls. Finally, the sockets and other electrical components, white installation in the bathroom and furniture remain. Check our offer of flat renovations.

A proven team

It's best to use recommended renovation groups, but remember that multi-person rooms are not always a guarantee of quick work, but they can cost us more. However, a comprehensive refurbishment of the flat by the same contractors may allow for a better price to be negotiated. However, if they are not proven specialists, it is better to trust a few specialized teams. Let's not start work without signing the contract with the contractor. If you have a building project in mind, whether large or small, come and share your plans with the friendly team who will help you realise your vision - ProForYou’s team of professional builders in Eastbourne.  

Materials for stock

Some building materials, finishing materials or services should be ordered well in advance, as the waiting time may disturb the rhythm of renovation work. To renovate the apartment without downtime, let's order doors and windows, wooden floor, custom-made buildings and finishing materials that need to be imported from abroad. When buying tiles or panels, remember that it is better to buy a larger quantity and give unnecessary packages to the store, rather than to buy - differences in color and texture in the new series of goods can be very visible. Although it seems that furnishing is the final effect of any renovation, however, when we have our favorite interior accessories or equipment chosen earlier, it is worth thinking about their dimensions and planning a place for them before, for example, moving or removing the wall.

As experienced builders in Eastbourne, we help you to achieve your goals!