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Best kitchen builders in Eastbourne

We get many queries from you regarding the kitchen design. Most often you ask about the distance, height, gas hob under the window etc. That's why today we have one goal: to bring you a little closer to the issue of kitchen design. These are tips that will help you in planning the kitchen space. However, if you still do not feel up to it, it is best to let this task to the person who deals with such projects every day. Remember that the kitchen is built-up for years and should meet the expectations of all household members, so that meals are created in a joyful atmosphere, using functional solutions. Are we getting started?! 

Tips from best kitchen builders

1. Size does matter! Large kitchens give us freedom in action, but the situation is completely different when we are dealing with smaller kitchens. Then we must remember, for example, not to build the kitchen on both sides with cabinets under the ceiling. You can put on open shelves on one side or a glass door that will add lightness. Cabinets with raised doors (instead of wing doors) are also a good solution in small kitchens. 

2. Working table. His is never too much! Remember that the main worktop has a minimum width of 80 cm. If you have more space, a good idea is an island, which, in addition to additional storage space, also has the advantage of having a large worktop. 

3. Working triangle. This is a very simple rule, the application of which will help us to design a functional kitchen. The key is the placement of the refrigerator, sink and hob. Performing the activities is to be quick and convenient, i.e. we pull something out of the fridge, wash and cook. Simple right? ????

4. Lighting. Take care of good lighting, especially above the worktop, sink and hob. It is important that the light does not offend, but only improve the work during the preparation of meals for tired builders ;-) 

5. Mobile equipment. Mobile carts are great in the kitchen, in which we can store e.g. measuring spoons, scales or other kitchen tools. Thanks to this, they will always be at hand, and will not take up valuable space on the countertop. 

6. Height. The height of the household members should always be taken into account and, for example, the height of the countertop or suspension of the upper cabinets should be selected for this average. The distance between the top and the top cabinets should be at least 56 cm. 

7. Next to the heating plate, on both sides, there should be at least a scrap of a worktop that will allow e.g. putting away the hot pan. 

8. Always place the dishwasher next to the sink. This is a great convenience that will simplify e.g. placing the dishes in the dishwasher. 

9. Watch out for the window sink. It is quite fashionable to place a sink under the window. Undeniably, when washing dishes, we are accompanied by a beautiful view, but that's not all. Pay attention to the window opening system. If the window is opened inwards, it may interfere with the battery. 

10. Try not to place both the kitchen and the sink against the wall. This arrangement limits the free use of the kitchen, but it can also splash the wall with grease from the pan. 

11. Use cargo cabinets. They brilliantly fill the space in the kitchen, and in addition they are very comfortable due to e.g. retractable, multi-level baskets. 

12. Do not put the oven near the window. If the window is open, you may blow the flame out. 

13. Color matters. Not once do we dream of dark buildings, but what if our kitchen is small and not enough daylight falls into it? It is best to opt for a lighter building that will not overwhelm the interior as its dark counterpart. We realize that sometimes the area does not allow us to adapt to the above principles. However, it is important that you remember and use them as much as possible in your projects.
If you still have any questions about kitchen design - write in the comments. Or maybe you have some golden tips that you would like to share with? We are waiting!